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When You Need an Emergency Electrician in Fairfield, CT for Power Outage & Other Electrical Services

One of the issues you have as a homeowner is you have to make all the decisions that are necessary to keep the house in good condition. That means you have to be ready to take on a plumbing, electrical or other situations at any given moment. Most people that do work on your home have been trained and have experience within those specific industries to make the necessary repairs. That is why as a homeowner you need to have some kind of knowledge in many industries that can help you make decisions about who to call and when to call someone for needed repairs. The repairs that can be difficult and dangerous to do if you don’t have any training happens to be electrical work. This is an area that if you are not careful when you make upgrades or changes you can cause injury or even death. This can also lead to a house fire or electrical shock. One of the hardest things that you have to do is to determine when something can wait to have an expert out and when it constitutes an emergency. It is a good idea to know what an actual emergency is so that you can make the call.

Sentry Electric Outlines Emergency Electrical Procedure of when to Call an Electrician

Power Outage or Loss: One of the reasons a homeowner may call out an electrician as an emergency is when they have a loss of power. We all depend on the power in our home so when it is out you want to get to the bottom of it right away. The reason that this can be considered an emergency is because without power you won’t have the ability to control the temperature in your home which can be dangerous if you have extreme weather. The other reason is that you can lose all the refrigerated and frozen products that you have paid for. This can be several hundred dollars if you have filled the fridge and freezer recently. You want to make sure that you are the only one that is without power by checking with your neighbors. If they have power and you do not it is best to call out an electrician right away.
Smell Of Burning Plastic: When you are sitting in your home and you start to smell something that is burning it is an emergency for sure. The smell can be coming from your latest dinner attempt but if it is not there could be a problem. If the burnt smell that you get is more like burning plastic it can be from an electrical issue. It has a unique smell since all the wiring is usually covered in plastic. You want to call out a professional electrician right away. If you do not you can end up frying your wires and worse yet having an electrical fire.
Blown Circuit Breaker: Another problem that you may have is when you notice that portion of your home is without power. This in itself is not an emergency because it can be from a tripped breaker. Most people know how to access the panel but if you reset the breaker and it trips again you could have a much larger problem. You want to make sure that if you have a specific breaker that is tripping or it will not reset you call out an electrician right away.

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