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Where to Place Line or Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Westport, CT; Design & More

Do you get to see your yard when you get home from work? Adding landscape lighting to your yard gives you the ability to see and enjoy your yard even after dark and adds a sense of security. There are several options you can choose from including the now more popular LED energy efficient lighting, low voltage fixtures, and solar powered light fixtures! In-ground lighting is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and fairly simple to have installed. It is easy to change up the look of the lighting by simply changing out the lens that is used on the fixture without having to replace the whole system. You can mount lighting to posts, columns, walls, or even have a free hanging style lighting. The possibilities are endless!

Line VS Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

There are two main types of lighting available today, the traditional 120v line lighting illuminates brighter light, but requires a trench to be dug through your yard about 18 inches deep by a professional. It has a higher operating cost than the new 12v lighting, but bulbs and dimmers are less expensive. Then there is the extra low 12v line lighting that is easier to install, only requiring you to dig a few inches down to bury the cords to avoid falling hazards and yard trimming equipment getting caught up in the line offering a way that is less destructive to your yard. A 12v line has lower operating costs and the bulbs will last longer than in the 120v lighting. 12V lighting is more beneficial in areas that have a lot of moisture than 120v lighting and operates well in wet conditions.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting

You can add lighting almost anywhere in your yard, however it is not recommended for you to mount lighting directly to a tree as it can cause damage to the tree. Instead you can opt for a strap mounted system that can be adjusted to grow with the tree without causing unneeded damage. You can also light up a tree from the ground using an up-lighting technique. Spot lights can create a focal point to areas you’d like to be on display, you can even conceal your lighting under rocks or decorations to give it a more natural feel. Artisan lights allow you to choose different color lights and come in an array of styles giving you the unique ability to have a rainbow of colors in your very own yard! If colorful lighting isn’t your cup of tea, Chinese lanterns or clear globes set a calming ambiance and are an attractive feature with more natural color lighting. Underwater lighting can accent water gardens, fountains or garden ponds so your water features can be on display 24/7!

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Unsure of what lighting is right for you? Sentry Electrical can help you decide what’s right for your yard and take the hassle out of figuring it out on your own! So, light up your life and give us a call today!

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