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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out in Greenwich, CT? Loose Electrical Connection & More

The light bulbs in your house are something that has to be replaced occasionally. They are not meant to last forever. Although they will burn out they have made major strides in how long they last and how much energy they consume. That does not mean you cannot end up with problems. You should not have to constantly change out light bulbs and if you do it could be a sign of other issues. If you start to notice that your bulbs are going out even when you have purchased the better and longer lasting bulbs you want to talk to an electrician. Knowing what the problem could be is a good start. Sentry Electric outlines what could be causing your bulbs to burn out quickly.

Lights Overheating

The light bulbs that you purchase at the store are intended for a particular fixture and should match the wattage. The fixture has a specific watt of bulb that it is able to use and if you use the wrong size it can start to overheat the filament that is in the bulb. This will then burn it out and the filament will burst. When the filament bursts the bulb will go out. You want to make sure you are getting the correct bulb for your particular fixture. Another problem you might have is that the insulation in the fixture is not sufficient. This will create heat that is coming from the fixture but is too hot for the bulb to handle. Overheating a bulb is a sign there is a problem and you want to adjust the type of bulb of call an electrician.

Are Ceiling Fans Supposed to Rock?

Another problem that you might have is with a ceiling fan and the light fixture that is attached to it. The ceiling fan should be installed so that it is balanced and that it is not vibrating and moving. The problem is that many times the fan has become out of balance and that can mean that it is vibrating. When the light fixture is moving and vibrating it can cause the bulb to burn out. That means that you will be stuck replacing them too often. The best thing you can do is to have the fan repaired by a licensed electrician.

Loose Electrical Connections

When you have a fixture installed in your home it is wired in place and often times attached to a light switch. If you notice that a wired in fixture is not able to last a normal amount of time it can be due to bad wiring. The wiring that is in the fixture needs to be done properly and securely. If it is not done or has become loose it can cause the bulb to burn out. You want to make sure that you stop using the fixture until it has been inspected by an electrician.

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