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Why Would an Electrical Outlet Feel Warm in Stamford, CT? Is it Normal to Be Hot to Touch?

When you walk into a room and need to charge your phone it is likely that you will find an outlet on just about any wall. Electricity is a way of life and it is used in our homes as a way to increase our comfort. There are outlets that you can plug devices in, light fixtures, speakers and more that we use to enjoy our home. The electrical system should be able to handle what you would use on a regular basis in your home. With that said there are some parameters that you need to stay within when using the outlets. One problem that people tend to have is that the outlet that they are using gets warm or even hot! This is not a good sign and usually means there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The outlet should be wired in a way that protects it from heating up and that is why you want to stop using the outlet right away and do what you can do to find the reason this is happening.

Sentry Electric Has Explains Why an Electrical Outlet Might Feel Warm

Are You Overloading Your Electrical Outlets?: The first thing you need to look at is if the outlet is warm after you have been using it. You should be able to safely plug something into the outlet without having the outlet get warm so if it is you need to start with what you are using it for. Look at what you are plugging into the space and determine if the appliance or cord is pulling too much wattage. The outlet is set up to be able to run a certain amount of voltage and when you are using it for more than the recommended amount it can start to heat up. The best way to reduce the use of that outlet is to avoid adding a power strip to that area and limit what is plugged in at one time. To check if the outlet is heating from being overused is to unplug everything from the outlet and check if it is hot after about an hour. If it has cooled down then you need to be cautious about over using the outlet.
Is the Outlet Cracked or Broken?: If you notice the outlet you are concerned about is not even being used and it is hot it can be the actual outlet. If the casing around the outlet, the outlet itself or any of the wiring has damage it can be the cause of the heat. It is important to have an electrician check for areas that may be damaged because the outlet does have electrical current that is running to it. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.
How to Fix a Hot Electrical Outlet: Now that you have found the outlet that is heating up you need to have it looked at right away. The outlet can be a fire hazard and it is best to avoid using it until it has been inspected. The electrician may come out and replace the outlet or even replace some of the wiring that was used in the circuit.

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