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Winter Electrical Wiring Problems & Solutions in Greenwich, CT; Overloading Circuits & More

With each season there are common problems. The hot summer months usually mean that your AC unit will need some work to keep it going. The spring time is bad for allergy sufferers. The fall is the start of the holiday season and the winter is cold! The needs that you have with your electricity also changes. There are some problems that occur more often in the winter when you are dealing with your electrical outlets and more. You need to be aware of the most common troubles so that if they happen to be a problem in your home you are prepared and know what to do. It is also good to know so that you can do what you can to prevent a potential electrical hazard.

Sentry Electric Lists Common Electrical Problems That Occur in the Winter Months

Overloading Electricity Circuits: The winter time means there are additional items that will be plugged in. This is extra holiday lighting, cords for interior decorations and even heaters to try and stay warm. Adding all these extra items to the outlets in your home can end up overloading the circuit. The problem is that one circuit in your panel may be overloaded more so than the others. This is why you want to try your best to spread out the electrical use if you can. You can easily determine if you are overloading a circuit if it trips often. If this happens you need to rethink your outlets or call out an electrician and have another circuit added. We can come out to the house and look at where the needs of more outlets are and look at the circuits to see where an addition can be made.
Moisture On Electrical Connections: There is a huge problem in the winter months when water or other forms of moisture disrupt the electrical connections. Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix and that is why all the electrical devices you use have a warning label to keep away from water. Besides the label when you are plugging in something in a room such as a bathroom or a kitchen there are also GFCI outlets. The outlets are made so that if there is a shock to the electronic device that is plugged in the circuit will separate and pop open. This has saved people from being electrocuted. If you have other areas that don’t have this GFCI on them and they get wet the entire circuit can be fried. This will require an electrician to come out and identify the problem as well as replace the wires and circuits that have been damaged by the water or moisture.

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