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Electrical Terms for Dummies in Norwalk, CT; Volts, Circuits, Breakers, GFCI & More

When you are using your homes electrical system you should have a good understanding about how it works. The best way to know it is working right and you are using it correctly is to make sure you know what the terms mean. There are many terms that might be used when talking about the […]

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Electrical Outlets Not Working in Darien, CT; How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker & More

Troubleshooting dead electrical outlets in your home is one of the things that you should know how to do yourself. Most homeowners assume the worst when an outlet goes dead. Luckily, the problem is usually something simple. Taking a few steps before you call for help can save money and you can probably fix the […]

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Summer Backyard Patio & Outdoor Lighting Ideas in New Canaan, CT; Path Lights & More

Outdoor lighting is the best way to make your property safer and easier to walk around when it’s dark. Outdoor lighting allows you to see what’s going on and adds visual appeal to your home too. If you’ve had the same outdoor lighting for years, chances are there are better options available. You can give […]

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What to Do When Your Power Goes Out in Your House During a Storm in Greenwich, CT

Do you love a good summer thunderstorm? Many people look forward to sitting outside on their porch and watching the rain come down during summer storms. You may even enjoy going out and playing in the rain! While summer thunderstorms provide some fun there are also a few bad things they sometimes bring with them. […]

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Causes of a Scorched & Burnt Electrical Outlet in Fairfield County, CT; Circuit Overload & More

Finding that one of your electrical outlets has been blackened and melted by heat is something that many homeowners experience. There are many issues that might arise, such as frustration of the situation, and finally realizing the safety issue involved. This problem is not something to ignore, nor taken lightly and electrical problems do not […]

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