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How to Avoid a Residential Electrical Code Violation in Darien, CT; Lighting Requirements & More

Some people want to do their own home projects and update the house when needed. The problem is that YouTube can only take you so far and there are many times that you should use an expert. One area of home remodeling that you really want to ensure that a professional is on site is […]

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Design Guide for How to Position & Layout Landscape Lighting in Your New Canaan, CT Yard

Your home is a place that you should feel proud of and that means that you want to make upgrades and changes to increase the appeal. There are lots of areas you can work on but the first look that people get from the outside is a great place to start. During the day your […]

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Electricity Myths in Greenwich, CT; Conductors, Insulators, Speed, Power Lines & More

Electricity is now a natural part of our everyday lives. We rely on electricity to perform even the most simplest of tasks. Throughout the year many misconceptions and myths are told about electricity. Some of these misconceptions have had dire consequences. Sentry Electric would like to share or correct some of these myths to give […]

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Circuit Breaker Mapping & Electrical Wiring Diagram Map of Your Stamford, CT House

Any time electrical work or maintenance is done in your home, you will need to shut off one or more circuit breakers. If you don’t, you’ll be working with live circuits that can lead to deadly consequences. For this reason, you must know exactly which one(s) to turn off. The electrical panel in your home […]

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Different Types of Lighting Fixtures & Systems in Southbury, CT; Ambient, Accent & Task Lights

There are features that you can add throughout your home to make every space in your residence truly work for you. Some areas of your home may currently just be wasted space because they are not being used to their full advantage. Here at Sentry Electric we are experts in how to add lighting to […]

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