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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out in Greenwich, CT? Loose Electrical Connection & More

The light bulbs in your house are something that has to be replaced occasionally. They are not meant to last forever. Although they will burn out they have made major strides in how long they last and how much energy they consume. That does not mean you cannot end up with problems. You should not have to constantly change out light bulbs and if you do it could be a sign of other issues. If you start to notice that your bulbs are going out even when you have purchased the better and longer lasting bulbs you want to talk to an electrician. Knowing what the problem could be is a good start. Sentry Electric outlines what could be causing your bulbs to burn out quickly.

Lights Overheating

The light bulbs that you purchase at the store are intended for a particular fixture and should match the wattage. The fixture has a specific watt of bulb that it is able to use and if you use the wrong size it can start to overheat the filament that is in the bulb. This will then burn it out and the filament will burst. When the filament bursts the bulb will go out. You want to make sure you are getting the correct bulb for your particular fixture. Another problem you might have is that the insulation in the fixture is not sufficient. This will create heat that is coming from the fixture but is too hot for the bulb to handle. Overheating a bulb is a sign there is a problem and you want to adjust the type of bulb of call an electrician.

Are Ceiling Fans Supposed to Rock?

Another problem that you might have is with a ceiling fan and the light fixture that is attached to it. The ceiling fan should be installed so that it is balanced and that it is not vibrating and moving. The problem is that many times the fan has become out of balance and that can mean that it is vibrating. When the light fixture is moving and vibrating it can cause the bulb to burn out. That means that you will be stuck replacing them too often. The best thing you can do is to have the fan repaired by a licensed electrician.

Loose Electrical Connections

When you have a fixture installed in your home it is wired in place and often times attached to a light switch. If you notice that a wired in fixture is not able to last a normal amount of time it can be due to bad wiring. The wiring that is in the fixture needs to be done properly and securely. If it is not done or has become loose it can cause the bulb to burn out. You want to make sure that you stop using the fixture until it has been inspected by an electrician.

Electrical Inspections & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

Sentry Electric can come out and inspect your electrical fixtures to ensure that they are in good shape. Call us today to meet with our expert electrician.

Voltage Surge Causes in Fairfield County, CT; Lightning Strikes, Power Outages, AC Unit & More

The most basic level of a power surge is when the voltage in an electrical circuit spikes to a higher level than the circuit was designed to handle. These surges are a hazard. For mains power, the United States uses 120v AC (alternating current). The AC indicates the electricity moves in a sine wave pattern. The waves crest at 169 volts as the 120 volt label is actually an average with the assumption that the voltage in the lines will never exceed 169 volts for electrical systems designed. Many older appliances are designed to safely operate within the assumption that the power from a wall outlet won’t exceed 170 volts. The miniature wires and contacts in computers and televisions overheat when a surge of power exceeding the design goes through the system. Since the surge of electricity will exceed what the wires can carry, the large-scale components like wall outlets can’t handle the surge either. The surge can cause arcs to nearby metal surfaces, where it can short-circuit appliances or even start a fire. Bearing all this in mind, we at Sentry Electric would like to list the common causes of power surges.

Lightning Strikes Cause Power Surges

A common and destructive cause of power surges is from electrical storms. The power grid is designed to move electricity as efficiently as possible and when lightening strikes it can surge through easily. An errant lightning bolt can be withstood from a glass insulators and inch-thick wires of an electrical substation. Home appliances are usually affected. Millions of volts will temporarily surge through lines designed to carry 120 in the event lightning bolt strikes the power lines near your house. Unprotected circuits are instantly severely damaged.

Power Outages Can Cause Voltage Surges

Power going out with no warning can be dangerous, however, more damage is done when the power is restored. Power comes back as a jolt before the sine wave evens out again, whether it’s a backup substation or an emergency generator kicking in. Sensitive electronics are a risk especially.

Can an Air Conditioner or Shop Tool Cause a Power Surge?

When you notice the lights dim for a second when the A/C blower kicks in, a power surge is occurring. The sudden demand for power causes a voltage drop and while the system normalizes by a surge after. Like air conditioners, the shop tools like table saws and heavy lathes can cause surges. They can cause a temporary power outage should they trip a circuit breaker.

Whole House Surge Protector

Unplug seldom used devices. Power surges cannot affect a device that is not plugged into the main power. For the easiest solution, avoid plugging in the sensitive electronic equipment and devices that are infrequently used. This prevents them from being exposed to power surges. Invest in surge protectors. Power strips or outlet covers with built-in surge protection functions and circuit breakers. Adding these to every outlet can prove to be a bit expensive and a bit of an eyesore but at the very least, make sure they are used where TVs, computers and other heavy-duty electronics. Whole house surge protection is a great idea!

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Another option is to upgrade old appliances. If you need installation of whole house surge protection, emergency repairs or any other electrical services, call Sentry Electric and let our certified electricians take care of your electrical needs with quality and efficiency.

How Does an Electrical Panel Work in Stamford, CT? Main Breaker & Other Wiring Components

There are lots of parts of the house that a homeowner needs to have some knowledge in. Whether you need to know what it means when there is a problem or when you need to have a repair. A homeowner has to be able to manage a house and keep it running smoothly. One area of the house that will need to be understood is the electrical system. This is what is needed to run anything that is being plugged in or wired in the house. The system needs to run smoothly and often times when there is a problem it can be solved with the electrical panel. The panel is often outside the house or in the garage and is accessible by the homeowner. You can keep it locked to secure it from being messed with by anyone else. The panel that is outside can seem intimidating but it is a good idea to understand it and know what goes in it. Sentry Electric outlines what you need to know about your electrical panel.

Purpose of Electrical Panel in Your Home

There is a panel that is on the outside of the house or in the garage that all the wiring to the home is sent through. The panel has a door on it that when opened you will see a bunch of numbers as well as switches. This is actually a safety precaution for your home and your electrical system. You want to know what is in it and how they each work so that you can adjust a problem in your house when there is a problem.

Main Breaker in Service Panel

When you look inside the box you will see that there is one main breaker that looks like a large switch. The largest switch is the main breaker that means that if you were to switch it off you are essentially blocking all electricity to the home. Each of the wires that are going into the house can have the circuit stopped by this one switch. This is important to know if you have an emergency and you are not sure which switch the emergency is coming from.

Double Pole Breaker Wiring

The other type of switch that you will see happens to be the double pole that has two switched that are attached with a bar. There is no way to switch them off unless you do them both. They are attached because they are responsible for larger appliances that need more amps to run. These can be tripped when there is a problem with the appliance that it is running energy to.

Single Pole Breaker

The rest of the switches that you will see in the box happens to be single pole breakers. They are the standard switches that are attached to a room or an area of the house. If you find that an outlet in your master bedroom is not working it can be due to the single pole breaker being tripped. You will need to reset it by switching it back on.

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Sentry Electric can come out to inspect your panel to ensure that it is working right. Call us today!

Exterior Lighting Design Guide in Southbury, CT; Landscape Pathway & Focus Lights & More

Exterior lighting has many practical uses in addition to helping your property look good. With an increase in safety, the home gets an instant facelift with lighting and enhances curb appeal. There are quite a few benefits to having the outdoor lights and with the initial cost, most find it well-worth the investment. Today, we at Sentry Electric would like to elaborate on a few advantages to exterior lighting for your home.

Outdoor Lighting Appeal

To boost your home’s appearance, outdoor lighting is an option that goes a long way. Lights help highlight the architectural features of your home and give it a good bit of appeal when the lights flip on in the dark. You can use multicolored outdoor lights to give a unique style and attract customer attention, especially if you are looking to enhance commercial property. Both homes and businesses can be enhanced with the right lighting.

Practical Outdoor Light Fixtures

Having adequate outdoor lighting is essential for homes that feature decks, patios, and other outdoor space. To relax outdoors and enjoy having company over, the evening and night are great times. A family gathering or party will not have to end just because the sun goes down with the help of enough outdoor lighting installed around the home.

Exterior Lighting Increases Safety & Security

Homes are frequently the target for burglaries and the more lights the more safety. By lighting up your home and making it harder to hide, the outdoor lights help deter potential burglars. Not only will it help decrease the likelihood of becoming a target, but it will also make movement outside a lot easier and help avoid accidental slips or falls. To help keep from tripping and to enhance the overall safety and security of your home, consider the exterior lighting.

Lighting Curb Appeal Ideas

Outdoor lighting can help accentuate the positives no matter what kind of home or business you have. To help boost your home’s value when it comes time to selling as well as it makes more attractive buyers, the exterior lighting is ideal. The extra safety precautions and the ability to use outdoor space longer as the potential buyers are a lot more appreciative. Also, the light can be used to highlight the home’s best features for selling points.

Landscaping Path & Focus Lighting

Lighting in the landscaping and along pathways can help brighten the yard. Special features, star-plants, and other spotlights in the landscaping can be highlighted with the right lighting design. Lighting designs in the landscapes does all the benefits mentioned above including increase safety, security, curb appeal, and enhanced aesthetics in the exterior of your home.

Lighting Consultations, Design, Installation & More in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Southbury, Stamford, CT & Fairfield County, Connecticut

When you want to design the exterior of your home or business with a planned lighting system, the experts of Sentry Electric can ensure it is done correctly. Our certified experts are ready with high-quality equipment and products to design your exterior lighting. With the right installation, Sentry Electric electricians will help you get the perfect design ideal for your home and exterior along with ensuring efficient installation. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Summer Electrical Home Improvement Projects in Westport, CT; Landscape Lighting Design & More

Summer is often the season for homeowners to engage in summer electrical home improvements. With so many options regarding installations, replacements, and repairs, we at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to list the common summer electrical projects for your consideration.

Installation of Ceiling Fans

With plenty of advantages such as air circulation improvement, cooling targeted areas, and reducing the air conditioning system’s demands as well as the utility bill savings, ceiling fans are a popular addition to any home. They also assist in the winter on when in reverse as it blocks the warm air from rising. With so many styles, colors, and features, everyone can have a unique decorative feature that provides practical needs.

Installing Dimmer Switches

Instantly altering the atmosphere, the dimmer switches are a simple, but delightful application. From bright to dim, the room can have a relaxing or even romantic atmosphere, whereas brightening the room can increase energy or offer better lighting for reading and projects.

Install Deck & Porch Ceiling Fan & LED Lighting

Fans are also used in outdoor living spaces, helping cool off in the warm summers. Increase the comfort by avoiding the hot incandescent bulbs for lighting and replace them with a more energy-efficient LED bulb.

Entertainment System

Whether you enjoy optimal sound for your music, being right in the action for your favorite team, or want to immerse into the show or movie you are in the mood for, and entertainment center is a high commodity and never regrettable.

Landscape Lighting Design

During the summer, it is common to update the landscaping. Showcasing special architectural features, unique designs, star plants, and lounging areas with custom lighting designs as well as illuminating the pathways can give any landscape a face-lift and improve safety.

Living & Dining Room Lighting

When people first walk into an area, the lighting is usually among the first elements noticed. Enhance the style of any room with decorative light fixtures. Modernize the living and/or dining areas with an updated fixture or emphasize the space with a vintage lighting fixture.

Outdoor Kitchen Electrical Outlets

For the outdoor BBQs, get-togethers, and other parties are especially popular in the summer and the outdoor kitchen is a worthwhile investment. Having the proper electrical work done on dedicated circuits can easily accommodate the fridges, stoves, and other appliances and lighting in the dedicated space.

Recessed Lighting Installation

With recessed ceiling lighting installation, you can update the contemporary feel of any style. As a simple project, the recessed lighting can be an immediate solution for dark areas of the home.

Home Security Upgrades

Increase the security and protection of your home by installing home security system and motion detector lighting.

Standby Generator Installation

Investing in a standby generator can help you retain lights when the general power is lost during summer storms or other technical difficulties occur. The generator will be activated within seconds as the transfer switch will automatically disconnect your home from the grid whenever there is a power outage. With the generators powering off once the main power is restored, the generators are effectively powered by either the home’s natural gas or propane supply.

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For your electrical repairs, replacement, installation or maintenance services in your Stamford & Fairfield County home, call Sentry Electric today and let us serve you with quality electrical services.