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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Light Timers in Stamford, CT; Photocell, Astronomical & More

When you are looking to add lighting to your home there is a lot to consider. Not only are you trying to decide the type of lighting but how you will power it all. There are lights that act as a spotlight through your yard and garden to attract the eye to important or key focal areas. This might be an entry point or a beautiful tree. You may also have string lights that are out near your patio or deck. This helps to add light to your outdoor space that can increase the usage in the night. You may also have walkways lighted whether by additional lights or lights that are embedded in the actual steps. This illuminates the walkway or path but it also acts as a safety measure. The lighting you use all has to be run to some aspect of power. Then the power has to be activated so that the lights around your home and yard come on at the appropriate time. The problem is when you have to manually turn them on. If you leave on vacation they will stay on or off alerting people that you are not there and possibly wasting energy. You also might just simply forget and leave them off or even on all day long. This is a waste of energy that you have to pay for. Fortunately, there are programmable timers that can be used to power the lights and save you time and money.

Sentry Electrical Outlines Different Types of Timers You Can Use to Activate the Lights Around Your Property

Analog Timer Switch for Lights: This is an option you can use that will make it so that the lights come on at a set time. They will also shut off at a time that you choose as well. The timer will have a dial on it that has a set of hands. The hands are set to show the time you want the lights to come on at night and what time of the day you want them to turn back off. This is a great way to save you money by not lighting the house in the daylight hours. The problem is that as the seasons start to change and the time changes the adjustment has to be made manually. If you forget to get out there and set it, the lights will remain on the original time.
Photocell Controlled Outdoor Timer: If you want to have a timer that works with the sun then a photocell is right for you. The photocell will turn on the lights when the sun sets and back on when it rises. There is no need to make adjustments for the season and the time of day. The problem is that the photocell has to be in an area that has access to the sun at all times of the day. It also may not work correctly on a really cloudy day.
Astronomical Timer to Control Outdoor Lights: This is a great option because it will work based on the area that you live. It will automatically know when there is a change in the time or season and make the adjustment accordingly. The timer is great for large or small jobs and is the most high tech of all. There is less to worry about if you choose this timer.

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