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Cost of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Southbury, CT House; Wasting Energy, Money, Time & More

There is right way to do things and a wrong way. This statement is especially true when it comes to electrical work. The smartest decision you can make when it comes to electrical work is to hire professionals. Hire the wrong people and the consequences could be big. Sentry Electric explains further below.

The Cost of Poor Electrical Installations & Work in Your Home

1. Wasting money. if your money isn’t handled the right way, you’re just wasting it. Spending money to try and do electrical work yourself or hiring the wrong people is not a good idea. You will probably need to get the work you did fixed and spend more than you would have had you hired the right people to begin with.
2. Wasting time. You have a lot to do. Trying to figure out how to do something you’re not trained to do will just take time. You will also need to spend time getting all the tools you need, not to mention the time you’ll waste getting it the job done. Chances are it will take you a few attempts.
3. Creating a bigger electrical problem. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will probably make the problem worse. When it comes to electrical issues that means it can become more dangerous and more expensive to fix.

Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

1. Trying to do the electrical work yourself. The how-to videos you watch make everything look easy. But if you cut a wrong wire or put one where it shouldn’t be there can be serious damage that can lead to more repairs that weren’t there to begin with. That means more money or having to call in an expert. All to fix the problems you created by trying to fix it yourself. You can’t assume that the repair you watched is identical to your situation -even it looks the same.
2. Having a friend do the electrical work. Our friends are helpful for so many reasons but not to take care of electrical issues. Again, just because they may have fixed a similar problem at their home doesn’t mean they can do it in yours. Your problems become worse if they injure themselves on your property and who’s responsible for added repairs when parts get broke or problems become worse? The answer is you. Don’t risk spending more than you have to and putting a strain on your friendships and hire the professionals.
3. Hiring the first electrical contractor company you see. It’s important to do some research before you hire an electrician. You want to make they are licensed and certified. You also want to find out what people are saying about them. Read reviews and ask your friends and family. Any reputable company will also be more than happy to provide you with references.

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Bottom line – avoiding these mistakes will save money! You can trust the professionals at Sentry Electric to perform any electrical work in your home or business. You can be sure the work will be done right the first time. Give us a call today!

Cool Electrical Upgrades for Your Westport, CT Home; Wall Outlet with USB Charging Ports & More

There are some areas of your home that you want to make sure work for you and make your life easier. This might be the flow of the house, the appliances that you are using and even the way that your furniture is set up. One area of the house that is made just to make life better is the electrical system. Having electricity is a benefit and not a necessity. You may take for granted how much you rely on the electricity you use in your house. You want to make sure you know what upgrades and additions you can make to your house when it comes to the electrical system. The more understanding that comes to the electrical world that we live in the more you will start to see it in your house. There are some advancements that you can use in your house if you call an electrician to make the upgrades for you. Sentry Electric outlines some of the best electrical upgrades you can make in your house.

Wall Outlets with USB Charging Ports

One of the things you will notice in your house is that kids and adults alike are looking for a spot to charge their phone. The issue is that the plugs are being used for other things such as fixtures, fans, appliances and more. That means the options left for charging your phone may be slim to none. You want to have enough areas to charge the phones in your house and there is a great option that is available to you now. You want to talk to your electrician about installing USB plugs in your house. You can talk to them about a specialty plug that can be wired right into the wall. The USB is part of the plug so that you can charge your smart phone and have a standard plug as well. This is a great way to increase the functionality of your home and make it easier to live your life.

Pantry Closet Lighting

Have you ever gone to the kitchen in the night for a midnight snack and not be able to see what your options are? The problem is that if you have a pantry with no lights it can be hard to see what you have. One of the upgrades you can make to your house is to have an electrician install pantry lights. The pantry lights are a great addition and can be made to come on when the doors open. This is the same thing that happens when you open your refrigerator. That way when you open it you can have light come on and you can see clearly what you have in your cabinet.

Dimmer Switches

Having a light turned on or off is the only option that most homes have. One of the best lighting additions you can make to your home is to have dimmer switches installed. The dimmer switches are a great addition so that you can adjust the amount of light you are using. You can use a soft amount of light when you first are up in the morning.

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Sentry Electric can come to your house and make plans to upgrade your electrical system. Call us today!

Home Electricity Facts in Norwalk, CT; Positive & Negative Charge, Amps, Volts, Lightning Rod & More

Electricity is often a dependence with most modern societies. With advanced technology and how the different ways electricity contributes to everyday living, it is truly mind boggling and awe-inspiring. However, being that electricity is a powerful force, it should never be taken for granted. When it comes time for repairs, upgrades, and installations, having a skilled electrician take care of them is essential to avoid serious harm or damage. No matter how big or small your electrical projects are, the certified experts of Sentry Electric are readily available to provide high-quality services for our valuable clients.

Fun Facts About Electricity

For a moment, we would like to take an opportunity to share some fun and interesting facts concerning electricity.
1) Moving at incredible 186,00 miles per hour, electricity travels at the speed of light.
2) Up to 3,00 volts can be measured in a single spark of static electricity.
3) Reaching temperatures up to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, lightning bolts move at approximately 130,00 miles an hour, and the lightening is actually a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere.
4) As a self-defense tactic and to help with their hunting, electric eels can deliver 500 volts to their victims and threats.
5) Many people may have noticed that when a bird perches on one power line, it does not get electrocuted. The only way they do get electrocuted is when they create an open a circuit by flapping a wing, or something similar, into another power line.
6) When a negative charge and a positive charge combine, the attract each other, however, when 2 positive charges meet or 2 negative charges, they will repel off of each other.
7) For producing electricity, coal is the leading source. The coal is burned in furnaces that boil water, where the created steam spins turbines that are attached to generators. This is how the coal produces electricity.
8) Muscle cells in your heart will contract with electricity. Measuring the electricity going through your heart is the ECG (electrocardiogram) machines, where it is a valuable tool in the medical field. The ECG machine displays a line moving across the screen with regular spikes as your heart beats.
9) In the 18th century Benjamin Franklin conducted extensive research in many ways. The lightning rod, among many other electrical discoveries was accomplished through his work. Protecting the building from lightning strikes, the lightning rod conducts a lightning strike through a grounded wire.
10) Amperes or amps is how an electric current is measured and the volts measure the electrical potential.

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We hope this a fun look at some electrical aspects found across the globe. Where harnessing the electricity for your home is essential, it is vital for you and your family that you always contact a professional to perform the electrical needs. Sentry Electric has qualified electricians that have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality services and ensure your electrical projects are done safely and efficiently. Call us today to get started on your electrical installations, upgrades, replacements, repairs, and maintenance needs such as inspection services.

Electrical Grounding Wiring Techniques & Methods of Earthing for Safety in Your Darien, CT Home

Your entire home’s electrical safety depends on whether or not it is properly grounded. The electrical grounding is used in every home and building that has electricity to ensure the building’s overall electrical safety. Electrical design and installation of the electrical grounding is a priority, and in most cases, is done with preciseness. However, there are those occasional flaws or issues that can occur over time. Sentry Electric will explain what electrical grounding is, why it is essential, and how to know if your home is properly grounded.

What is Electrical Grounding?

Electrical grounding is the point in the circuit that has zero voltage, which basically connects to the earth. Electrical connections that connect to the earth allow for safe pathways for electricity to travel and also disperse. Power surges happen all the time and that excessive energy needs somewhere to go and disperse. If the energy doesn’t have anywhere to go, it will discharge in an appliance, light fixture and in outlets when used. Without the grounding system there will be more damage, electrical shocks, and fires.

Common Wiring & Grounding Problems

Improper grounding seems to occur in large dense cities where houses are tightly built together. High rise apartments are some of the worst buildings with grounding designs. Design flaws can be revealed when the electrical wiring comes in contact with the plumbing systems. Older homes also are known not to have proper grounding. Detecting improper grounding in older homes is easy to detect. If you have a home with a two pronged outlet, those outlets are not grounded. All homes, by code, must use three pronged outlets. The center prong is the ground line.

Dangers of Improper Electrical Earthing & Grounding

There are many risks when there isn’t proper electrical grounding present. Two pronged outlets will lead to electrical damage to any device that is plugged into them. Since the electrical grounding isn’t present, the power surge will discharge in the plugged-in device. Other dangers are electrical shocks that can be deadly. When plugging in a blow dryer or a charger you can risk being electrocuted. Another terrifying scenario is a fire. Sometimes the power surge will discharge in the circuit leading to overheating or a spark that is powerful enough to start a fire. These fires can strike without warning and spread very quickly.

How to Tell if Your House is Grounded Properly

Grounding designs are usually standard as they are the electrical safety system. However, in older homes or homes that may have had rodent activity, often it is recommended to have the home electrical system inspected. There are a few red flags such as two pronged outlets to let you know that there isn’t proper electrical grounding. Another sign is frequent tripping from the same circuit lines. As power surges occur and overloads the system, the circuit will trip to shut off power to that line. Another clue that there may be a problem with the grounding system is when appliances and other electrical items keep breaking or become damaged due to power surges.

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If you are concerned about your home’s electrical system and its grounding design, contact Sentry Electric for an electrical inspection, repair and more. Contact Sentry Electric today.

How to Find What is Tripping My Circuit Breaker Without Load & How to Reset in New Canaan, CT

The circuit breaker tripping is something many homeowners have experienced. The circuit breaker is a fail-safe that cuts off power to certain areas or the whole house once it trips. Though most of the time all it takes to restore power is to push the breaker switch off than back on, there are some things that you should know about a tripping circuit breaker. We at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to discuss the circuit breaker tripping.

How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

The breaker switch will shut off when a surge of energy overloads a circuit, such as when a heavily stressed outlet drawing too much current or from a lightning strike for instance. Take account the following steps to restore the power from the circuit breaker if such an event occurs.
1) For safety concerns, switch or unplugged the power devices that was shut off when the circuit breaker tripped. If your TV, or other appliance or equipment, does not have manual switch, simply unplug until you deal with the circuit breaker. When the breaker is reset, it can potentially damage to these devices if the left powered on and plugged in.
2) The breaker switch will be in the middle when it trips. Be sure to push the switch fully in the off position and then back on. The circuit breaker may also be color-coded to help identify if the power is off if you see a red or orange color. The breaker switch, back on, will restore the power to the lights, appliances, and outlets once you have plugged them back in. Usually isolated instances are not a concern, but if they persist, hire an electrician as quickly as possible.

Why Does Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping

A replacement may be highly likely, but when a circuit breaker that continues to trip, it either stems from age and the wear and tear that happens over the years, or from something more serious. Though the reasons are quite a few, the most common causes of a tripped circuit breaker are listed below.
1) Ground Fault: Within the metal box housing, a hot wire and bare ground wire are both touching producing an effect known as a ground fault. The circuit breaker will continue to trip because of a chain reaction is set off that pushes more electricity through the circuit than it’s supposed to hold that will burn the outlet out.
2) Short Circuit: Though common, short circuits can be potentially dangerous. An overload of current flows through the circuit from an electrical outlet with a hot wire” that is contacting a neutral wire, creating heat. The circuit breaker automatically shuts off to prevent electrical fires in these situations as a safety measure.
3) Overloaded Circuit: Overloaded circuits are fairly common, but they can lead to damaged electronics or electrical fires. An overloaded circuit is when amps coming through the circuit from an electrical system or certain circuits can’t handle it.

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If you are dealing with a circuit breaker that continues to trip, call in the certified electricians of Sentry Electric for an inspection and our experts can determine the issues and safest and most efficient solution. Contact us today!