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Summer Electrical Home Improvement Projects in Westport, CT; Landscape Lighting Design & More

Summer is often the season for homeowners to engage in summer electrical home improvements. With so many options regarding installations, replacements, and repairs, we at Sentry Electric would like to take the opportunity to list the common summer electrical projects for your consideration.

Installation of Ceiling Fans

With plenty of advantages such as air circulation improvement, cooling targeted areas, and reducing the air conditioning system’s demands as well as the utility bill savings, ceiling fans are a popular addition to any home. They also assist in the winter on when in reverse as it blocks the warm air from rising. With so many styles, colors, and features, everyone can have a unique decorative feature that provides practical needs.

Installing Dimmer Switches

Instantly altering the atmosphere, the dimmer switches are a simple, but delightful application. From bright to dim, the room can have a relaxing or even romantic atmosphere, whereas brightening the room can increase energy or offer better lighting for reading and projects.

Install Deck & Porch Ceiling Fan & LED Lighting

Fans are also used in outdoor living spaces, helping cool off in the warm summers. Increase the comfort by avoiding the hot incandescent bulbs for lighting and replace them with a more energy-efficient LED bulb.

Entertainment System

Whether you enjoy optimal sound for your music, being right in the action for your favorite team, or want to immerse into the show or movie you are in the mood for, and entertainment center is a high commodity and never regrettable.

Landscape Lighting Design

During the summer, it is common to update the landscaping. Showcasing special architectural features, unique designs, star plants, and lounging areas with custom lighting designs as well as illuminating the pathways can give any landscape a face-lift and improve safety.

Living & Dining Room Lighting

When people first walk into an area, the lighting is usually among the first elements noticed. Enhance the style of any room with decorative light fixtures. Modernize the living and/or dining areas with an updated fixture or emphasize the space with a vintage lighting fixture.

Outdoor Kitchen Electrical Outlets

For the outdoor BBQs, get-togethers, and other parties are especially popular in the summer and the outdoor kitchen is a worthwhile investment. Having the proper electrical work done on dedicated circuits can easily accommodate the fridges, stoves, and other appliances and lighting in the dedicated space.

Recessed Lighting Installation

With recessed ceiling lighting installation, you can update the contemporary feel of any style. As a simple project, the recessed lighting can be an immediate solution for dark areas of the home.

Home Security Upgrades

Increase the security and protection of your home by installing home security system and motion detector lighting.

Standby Generator Installation

Investing in a standby generator can help you retain lights when the general power is lost during summer storms or other technical difficulties occur. The generator will be activated within seconds as the transfer switch will automatically disconnect your home from the grid whenever there is a power outage. With the generators powering off once the main power is restored, the generators are effectively powered by either the home’s natural gas or propane supply.

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For your electrical repairs, replacement, installation or maintenance services in your Stamford & Fairfield County home, call Sentry Electric today and let us serve you with quality electrical services.

Electrical Terms for Dummies in Norwalk, CT; Volts, Circuits, Breakers, GFCI & More

When you are using your homes electrical system you should have a good understanding about how it works. The best way to know it is working right and you are using it correctly is to make sure you know what the terms mean. There are many terms that might be used when talking about the electrical system that might make you feel unsure. The great thing is you don’t have to be a professional to have an understanding about what is being used and why. When you know what the terms mean you can use them when you call for a professional electrician. You can also learn more about the system that will help you know when there is a problem that might need your attention. Sentry Electric outlines some terms you need to know about when talking about your electrical system.


One of the terms that you will hear when people are talking about their electrical system is volts. If you have every traveled outside the US you will want to know more about the volts. One of the reasons is that the volts that are used here in the United States is different than other areas of the world. The volts are the number that is used to tell the force of the current that is running. The type of volts that are being used can require you to use a converter to allow you to use your charger and other electric items.

Electrical Circuits

The next term that you might hear is circuit. The circuit is a loop that is created to form the wiring that will create the electricity that is needed to give the appliances and fixtures what they need to function. The circuit might be the lights in the house or the washer and the dryer. There can be many circuits that are created that can be a part of your house. They are all started in the circuit box that has a breaker to allow the circuit to be broken if a problem exists.

Circuit Breaker

When it comes to the circuit you also will need to know about the breaker. The breaker is a part of the system and is there as a protection. The breaker is in each circuit and when there is a surge that could cause your appliances and fixtures to become damaged they will trip. When the breaker trips the circuit is cut and stopped and this will prevent the electricity from finishing of the loop. You may need to reset the breaker if it were to trip.


There is a breaker that is there for the loop that is created but more than that there is a GFCI which is called the ground fault circuit interrupter. This is something that is often on the outlets that are in areas where moisture may be a problem. The GFCI is a button that can be tripped for that single outlet. You can reset it right at the outlet instead of going out to the circuit box.

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Electrical Outlets Not Working in Darien, CT; How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker & More

Troubleshooting dead electrical outlets in your home is one of the things that you should know how to do yourself.
Most homeowners assume the worst when an outlet goes dead. Luckily, the problem is usually something simple. Taking a few steps before you call for help can save money and you can probably fix the problem without the use of a tool.

Check to See if Other Electrical Outlets are Not Working

The first step is to see if other outlets are dead. Do this before you head out to the circuit breaker box by switching other lights on and off and testing nearby outlets for power. You should also unplug lamps and appliances from dead outlets to rule out the possibility that a short or overload from one of them is creating the problem. Use a piece of tape or stickers to mark off any dead outlets so you’ll know where they are when you turn the power off.

Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Once you have unplugged all the devices from the dead outlets you will then check for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. These are located in the electrical panel that is located close to where the electrical wires enter your home. In most homes this is in the garage, the basement or a utility room. Open the metal door to reveal the fuses or circuit breakers and make sure you turn your computer off before you switch any circuit breakers on and off. You will know which breaker is tripped because it won’t be lined up with the rest of them. Turn it to the “on” position. Don’t be alarmed if the breaker “gives” a little instead of feeling solid. This is normal. You will then switch it to off to reset it. You should here a click. Next, you will push the handle firmly to “on”, so it’s lined up with the rest of them. If it pops back over to the tripped position, there may be a problem in the wiring or something that’s plugged into the circuit.

Can a Circuit Breaker Fail Without Tripping?

If you don’t see a tripped circuit breaker, firmly press every breaker to the “off’ position and then switch them all back on. If this doesn’t reset a tripped breaker without tripping again, there may be a potentially dangerous short circuit or ground fault condition. You will need to call an electrician to locate the problem.

What is a Blown Fuse in House?

If you overload a circuit, your system will cut off the electrical flow to prevent circuit damage or a fire. You will quickly be able to locate a blown fuse by looking for charring or a broken filament. You can fix the problem by simply unscrewing the blown fuse and replacing it with one of the same type and amperage.

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If you can’t easily troubleshoot a dead outlet and you discover that the problem needs the attention of the experts, you can call Sentry Electric for help. We will respond to your call quickly so you can avoid having more problems.

Summer Backyard Patio & Outdoor Lighting Ideas in New Canaan, CT; Path Lights & More

Outdoor lighting is the best way to make your property safer and easier to walk around when it’s dark. Outdoor lighting allows you to see what’s going on and adds visual appeal to your home too. If you’ve had the same outdoor lighting for years, chances are there are better options available. You can give your home a fresh new look and use more energy efficient lighting at the same time. Consider lighting an outdoor space to increase the time you can spend there. Pathway lighting looks great and the transition from regular bulbs to LED bulbs can save you money. LED lights last longer, and homeowners have many options as they are available in many styles and designs.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Homes with the right outdoor lighting are overlooked by intruders and make your home feel safer. Security and flood lights can be installed around the exterior of your home, making it very hard for would be intruders to go unnoticed. Entrances and driveways along with any other areas can have motion sensor lighting installed. These lights will turn on any time movement is detected. When choosing outdoor lighting you’ll want to choose lights that have ample wattage and are bright enough. Avoid choosing lights that create areas that are deep and shadowy because it gives intruders places to hide and avoid putting lights in areas that might bother your neighbors.

Path Lights & Landscape Lighting

Adding lighting to your landscape allows you to draw attention to your yard and the exterior of your home. It’s important to use landscape lighting carefully so you’re highlighting your property in the best way because the wrong lighting can make a home look uninviting. The right light and the right location will create the best effects.
• Stake lights can be used along paths and walkways to provide lighting at night. They increase safety and add visual appeal.
• Accent lights catch the eye and draw attention to specific features of your home’s exterior. These include uplights, downlights, spotlight and well lights.
• Deck lights are designed to makes the stairs on decks safer to use during the nighttime hours. They can also be used to add soft lighting to deck surfaces.

Troubleshooting Your Outdoor Lighting

It’s important for homeowners to know what might be going on with their outdoor lighting. Wear and tear along with weather can cause outdoor lights to become loose over time. When water gets into them you can experience faulty connections. It’s important to use waterproof connections for outdoor lighting to prevent this problem. LED lights last longer, but if you’re using incandescent light bulbs, they will burn out faster. There can be issues with your outdoor lighting depending on how the system is wired. Corrosion will occur in light sockets when they ae exposed to moisture. The heat from a light bulb is enough to prevent corrosion from happening, but it can occur when bulbs burn out.

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All homeowners want their home to feel safe and look great. This can be achieved with outdoor lighting. Contact Sentry Electric to get started!

What to Do When Your Power Goes Out in Your House During a Storm in Greenwich, CT

Do you love a good summer thunderstorm? Many people look forward to sitting outside on their porch and watching the rain come down during summer storms. You may even enjoy going out and playing in the rain! While summer thunderstorms provide some fun there are also a few bad things they sometimes bring with them. Sometimes the storm causes your power to go out. If you run into this problem do you know what to do?

Power Went Out; Who Do I Call?

There are different things you will want to make sure you do when your power goes out. The first thing you want to do is check to see if the power is out in just your house or a larger area. Check with your neighbors to see if they lost power as well. If the power is out in a large area you will want to call your utility company. When you call them they may already be aware of the power outage and have a recorded message about how long it is going to take to get the power back up and running. If they do not know already reporting it will help the power company know that they need to start working on it.

Check Electrical Panel & Circuit Breaker When Power Goes Out

If the power is out in just your home there are a few things you can check. You will want to grab a flashlight and check out your electrical panel. You may have blown a fuse or tripped a break. Fixing those items is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. If you do not know how to fix those Sentry Electric can help you! We can also help if you cannot determine why the power is out.

Unplug Appliances & Electronics During Power Outage

When you call the utility company you may discover that the power is going to be out for an extended period of time. In this case you will want to get some water reserves for your family to use. To do this you will want to fill your bathtubs and sinks with water. You will be able to use this water if the power is out for a long time.
Next up you will want to unplug all of your electronics. When the power comes back on there is a power surge that could ruin your electronics. So go to your computers, laptops, gaming systems, and any other electronics and unplug them. When the power comes back on your electronics will not be ruined.

How Long Does Food Last in the Fridge When the Power Goes Out?

Many people are tempted to open their refrigerator and freezer to see if their food is okay. You will want to resist the urge to open the doors though. The more you can keep the doors closed the longer your food will stay cool. Food in your fridge can stay cool for up to four hours without power and food in your freezer will be good for 24 hours. If the power is out for longer than that you will need to eat it or throw it away. If you do have to eat it you will want to start with the dairy products. The other items will last longer.

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We hope that these tips will help you stress less the next time your power goes out. Just stay calm and remember these steps and you will be fine. Don’t forget that Sentry Electric is always here to help you with any electrical need that arises. Contact us today!